Bar & Restaurant

Our idea of welcoming our guests, which fulfils itself in our desire to treat them and make them feel at home, also includes the kitchen.
For this reason La Casona de Yucay makes good use of the experience and cooperation of professional and versatile chefs, capable of following the latest cuisine fashions without disregarding tradition.
Most of our ingredients come from this Andean region and from our organic garden. Among these ingredients are potatoes, quinoa, kiwicha, huacatay and fruits such as tumbo, lúcuma, aguaymanto, edelberry and mango.
These rich ingredients are transformed and glorified thanks to the skilled hands of our cooks to give life to new gastronomic experiences.

Tika :: flower in Quechua

Restaurant Tika

Our chef, Ricardo Serrano explores the flavors of andean products and combines them with techniques of the great cuisines of the world. Our chef explores the flavors and products of Cusco, mixing them with techniques from the world’s great cuisines. We have a great variety of dishes, including vegetables from our organic vegetable garden that will surprise your palate. Do not forget to try the lightly roasted octopuss or if you prefer the long baking ossobuco.

Apus :: sacred mountains

Apus Bar

The bar at the Casona is the perfect place to relax after the day’s excursion. You can order a traditional Pisco Sour accompanied by some snacks or pizza while enjoying the warmth from the fireplace and some good music.