Our History

In the early years of the colony, the Marquis Don Francisco Pizarro reserved Yucay for himself and on 1558, the Viceroy of Peru, Don García Hurtado de Mendoza founded in Yucay the “Mayorazgo” for King Charles V of Spain which was granted to the Inka Sayri Tupac in exchange for his surrender.

Our Casona, built in 1810 takes center stage in the nineteenth century because Simon Bolivar, the most important leader of South America’s Indenpendence movement, stayed here during his trip through the Peruvian Andes looking for support to wean the region from Spanish rule, finding support in the Orihuela family who allowed him to stay at home and take a speech from one of the balconies of the house. In 1825 the Liberator named its then owner, Don Manuel de Orihuela, “Vista de la Renta de Alcabala” and then in 1826 he was awarded the “Medal of Illustrious Father of the Nation”.

Nearly 20 years ago the Orihuela family decided to convert the mansion into a beautiful historical hotel that offers the possibility to connect with nature and country life. We invite you to come and explore our gardens and green spaces where you can see from the traditional crops of corn, native trees like Qeuña or Chachacomo or enjoy our organic vegetable garden.

Our Benefits

  • Peace & tranquility

  • Spectacular views & gardens

  • Warm & careful service

  • Fabulous location

  • Lower altitude & better climate
  • Social & environmental commitment
  • Authentic place

  • Luxury spirit