Horsebackriding Tour

After a short orientation, we set off on a rural path, by the side of the Vilcanota river banks all the way to Antapacha. As we enjoy the famous smooth gait of the Peruvian Paso Horses, our eyes will catch a glimpse of the villager´s everyday life. We may observe them feed their animals, plough the land or herd their cattle. Then we will continue to the gorge of Yucay until we reach the antique rock paintings. Here we will stop and enjoy a snack,. while we admire the petrogliphs.

These paintings are located on the cliffs of the Apu Saywa slopes on the Toco Tocoyoc hill, in the sector called Molinuyoc, in the Paqarina de Yucay. You will see human figures and camelids painted 100 meters up the cliff, in a place of almost impossible access. The materials that were used to graph these rock paintings were: lime and cactus pulp. These paintings date back more than 2700 years.

According to the experts, these paintings were probably representations of the daily life of those people, such as the herding and the shearing of the llama, animals of great importance in those times. These paintings, by their location and iconography, are probably also related to the stars and constellations that appear in the sky, in this place, in important dates of agricultural activities. (Planting-harvest)

We will continue our ride passing through the Andean terraces of Yucay. These terraces of prehispanic origin are a sophisticated monumental agricultural system, with high stone walls that surpass 6 meters of height and with a complex hydraulic system.

Length of the ride: 2 1/2 hours approximately

Difficulty level: easy