Pottery Workshop with Lucho Soler

The pottery made by Lucho, is the result of many years of experimenting with clay and fire. Inspired mostly by the clay art of his ancestors; the Pre-Columbian potters of his country Peru.

Lucho follows the techniques used long ago: He digs the finest local clays and prepare it to an specific formulation, pots are made by hand using clay ropes and pinched up slowly to desired shape and size. Engobes are used as a slip paint to decorate.

The beauty of his pottery is the result of a careful process; the Burnishing or polishing of the clay, this is done using only agates or smooth river stones to achieve the beautiful mirror finish of the pottery art piece. When dried they are fired in primitive animal dung or gas kiln to reach 1500f in about one hour.

No commercial clays and neither the pottery wheel. He also doesn’t use any glaze or cheap tricks like waxes or wood varnish. Lucho’s work is made just the same old and simple ways as the ancient pottery. In similar way as those made in New Mexico by native and very famous Pueblo artists like Santa Clara and those of Mata Ortiz, Mexico.

Lucho worked as a teacher at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. His work has been featured in many art galleries, won awards and is displayed in many private collections and Museums in the US. and in Peru.

Two Hour Workshop $45
The workshop includes materials, tools and audiovisuals.

Whole day Workshop $60
Work is done during the morning and afternoon. The workshop includes materials, tools and audiovisuals. It does not include burning since the art pieces need to dry under the sun at least two days before being burnt.

One Week Workshop
Work is done during five days in the mornings and afternoons in order to create a few pieces that will have time to dry in order to be burnt. On the sixth and seventh day the pieces are burnt. The workshop includes materials, tools, audiovisuals.